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urls should be decoded before regexp matching
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The sbl extension searches for


That means sbl entries always start with a domain part of a url. Actually that's ok, because google-links like the above mentioned also include full urls. The problem is that those urls are encoded (see [[w:en:Percent-encoding]]) and the sbl extension does no decoding. So


is not resolved as


Solutions could be either

  1. letting the regexp pattern start not with /https?:\/\/+[a-z0-9_\-.]*(/ but with /https?(?i::|%3a)(?i:\/|%2f){2,}[a-z0-9_\-.]*(/ or
  2. decoding urls before doing the regexp matching.

(The second option is better for it is more general.)

anubhav: Mentioning the bug number in the commit message is highly welcome.

Change 57935 had a related patch set uploaded (by Platonides):
T34159: Decode urls before regexp matching in SpamBlacklist Extension

A similar (or actually the same) problem occurs with[^\/]{2,5}/translate.
Right now, google-translate-urls can be used to circumvent the SBL, and we don't know a good way to cope with that problem via SBL or edit filter.
It would be better, if the SBL finds the blocked URLs inside the google-translate url.


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