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Impact Module: improvements for former newcomers
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User story & summary:

As a former new editor, I want to the Impact module to remain relevant as I edit more, so that I can continue to use it.

Background & research:

This task is important because ideally the homepage and impact module will remain relevant to editors as they continue to edit and deepen their involvement in the Wikimedia movement.

Due to performance reasons, the impact module surfaces the last 1,000 edits you made. This number is used to determine your longest streak as well.

The impact module main audience is newcomers. We designed this impact module with the average number of edits and days of presence of typical newcomers. This is why the numbers aren't reflecting the edits of very active users.

Potential Improvements:

There are many different improvements we could consider:

  • Increase the underlying query to a higher upper limit. 10,000?
  • Decrease the Longest streak time limit to only show edit streaks in the last 60 days so it's less likely the upper limit is reached.
  • Add a more celebratory notice to the module: "You've made more than 1000 edits, congratulations! The Thanks received and Longest streak data only includes your last 1,000 edits." or "You've made more than 1000 edits, congratulations! Data displayed in this module might not be accurate."
  • Add a info about the data limitation to the Longest streak info box if editor has >1,000 edits.

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Acceptance Criteria:

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