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Exclude unillustrated articles from section-level image suggestions
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As a newcomer completing suggested edits, I should never receive a section-level image suggestion if the article is unillustrated.


Follow up to: T329396: Exclude articles that have article-level image suggestions from receiving section-level image suggestions - Which only excludes articles which have a top-level image recommendation, not unillustrated articles which don't have suggestions.

This task will require help from Structured Data Engineering : To update the recommendation generation logic in the pipeline to check if the article has images.

We only suggest article-level image suggestions for unillustrated articles. But we will generate and serve section-level image suggestions for both illustrated and unillustrated articles. It might mean that, if we send out an image suggestion for a section of an unillustrated article without or before a article-level image suggestion for the same article and a contributor adds it, the article will be flagged as illustrated during the next dataset update and thus excluded from article level image suggestion pipeline.

Acceptance Criteria

Given I'm a newcomer completing section-level image suggestions,
When articles are suggested,
Then I'm never suggested articles that are unillustrated

Event Timeline

Tgr subscribed.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Ask the Search team to add a count to the list of images per article that's already included in the search index (similar to T317546: Add new elasticsearch field to index the number of outgoing links), add a search keyword that filters by that number, and filter out articles with zero images.
  • Ask the Structured Data team to update the recommendation generation logic in the pipeline to check if the article has images.

The first has the advantage (disadvantage? not sure) of only affecting the newcomer homepage; other uses such as T318017: [EPIC] Section-level Image Suggestions Notifications for More Experienced Contributors would still include articles with no images.

The second is more consistent in that the recommendation logic has complex image conditions like "ignore placeholder images" and "ignore icons" and it could do the "does the article has images" check while adhering to those specifications; reimplementing that in the search logic is not feasible. Also, I'd guess doing the change through the recommendation pipeline is less work.

So on reflection we probably need to ask help from Structured Data, not Search, if we decide to do this.