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Bug: Error 'WMF.RequestError error 0'
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Jul 14 2023, 5:49 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 6:56 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 6:53 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 6:36 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 6:28 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 5:57 PM
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Jul 14 2023, 5:49 PM


Nearly all articles that I try to open throw an error entitled ‘WMF.RequestError error 0’. I have clear cellular service and data usage, and while I am not on Wifi, I have opened articles without Wifi many times before without issue. Thank you.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

image1 (17).png (1×828 px, 79 KB)

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I am suddenly getting messages like those seen on the attached screenshots.

I’m running the latest iOS app on iOS 16.5.1 on an iPhone 12. I use the app every day and this is the first I’ve seen this. Thank you for your work and for your time.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

image1 (18).png (2×1 px, 146 KB)

If I search anything, and then try to open one the results, I get this error. (See photo!)
The app is able to load saved pages, or articles linked on the front page, though.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

image0 (26).png (2×1 px, 144 KB)

I can’t use application because every time using a link from Safari or a start page of your App I obtain this message:

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

image0 (27).png (2×1 px, 127 KB)

The app has been reporting this error today for every article, and failing to load it. I searched on Twitter, and many people have been reporting the same error in the past 2 hours. Something is wrong with your servers.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

Screenshot is what it looks like when I force an error in the mobile-html endpoint. Not certain that's exactly what is failing but this seems like some issue with PCS.

Tsevener triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Jul 14 2023, 6:50 PM

Since the latest update this afternoon, I’m unable to go on links.

When I click anywhere on a link to a different article or search bar.

I get this error.

It’s not my phone as I’ve deleted and reinstalled app.

I’ve tried Force closing but it still does it.

Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 16.5.1; Phone)

unnamed (6).png (2×1 px, 61 KB)

+1 from the ANDROID support email:
There, on many pages it gives an error, when I open a certain page, then there is such an error

Screenshot_20230706-200544_Wikipedia.jpg (1×720 px, 66 KB)

This should be fixed if the complaints all came in on July 6th. PCS was briefly down but fixed: Closing, but feel free to reopen if there are complaints from today.