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Inconsistent Title validation in File & FileRepo
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Found while investigating bug 32031 -- a lot of File & FileRepo functions accept either a string or a Title object as a reference, normalizing strings to titles with forced NS_FILE and aborting if it's an invalid title object.

However a) this code is duplicated in many functions and b) few or none of them seem to validate a Title object that gets passed in. As a result some things seem to sorta work with Media: or other namespaces but somewhere along the line something breaks.

Should probably have a common input validation function for these methods to use, which will:

  • do the string to title conversion
  • discard invalid title objects
  • normalize NS_MEDIA to NS_FILE
  • discard title objects in non-file namespaces

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal



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Done in r102073.

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