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Ensure explicit language fallback for all term languages
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While working on T340832, @Michael pointed out that defining new Wikidata Term languages via $wmgExtraLanguageNames doesn’t provide a dedicated fallback chain for them. That means that only the implicit fallbacks to mul and then to en are being added.

Steps to reproduce


  • nan-hani on Wikidata only falls back to mul (and finally en) and not to nan (or cdo, zh-hant, zh, zh-hans)
  • en-us on Wikidata only falls back to mul and not to en (in contrast to e.g. en-ca that first falls back to en before falling back to mul)


  • @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE believes this might be worth tackling as part of T273627#9020435 (e.g., if we end up adding someplace in the Wikibase config where autonyms of non-MediaWiki languages can be defined, perhaps that place should also support defining language fallbacks for them).

See also: T190129: Consolidate language metadata into a 'language-data' library and use in MediaWiki