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Community configuration: usability tests
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User story & summary:

As the Growth team, I want to ensure we design a tool that is easy to use, so that admins can easily configure features.


Empower Growth’s constituent communities to use Growth tools more effectively in their local contexts.

Background & research:

The WMF Growth team is actively exploring avenues for providing its constituent communities with the ability to configure the features, tools, and products that it maintains. Configurable Growth features are currently consolidated on a single lengthy page, which presents a series of challenges to current and potential users.
The Growth team is planning on beginning work on a configuration tool as early as August, 2023, and has started design planning work for configuration. Before implementing a configuration tool, however, the Growth team would like to know (a) what should be configurable, and (b) who should be able to make configuration decisions. In order to answer these questions, the Growth team also wants to establish (c) the current usage of configuration by the communities that use them. The Growth team likewise is well aware of the potential pitfalls associated with granting configuration ability to a small number of individuals in many small wikis—a handful of admins may be empowered to wield disproportionate control over a small Wikipedia, for example.

Current community usage of Growth's community configuration.


T334312: Community configuration: design improvements

Research questions:
  • Who should have access to configuration?
  • What roles (admin, steward, etc.) should be granted configuration rights?
  • How can the Growth team avoid empowering a small number of individuals in small wikis to wield disproportionate control over configuration?
  • What can be learned by talking to current admins, from participants in recent hackathons, and from other Movement members who maintain relationships with WMF teams?
  • Which elements should be configurable?
  • What other teams and features could community configuration eventually encompass?
  • What is the current usage of configuration within the Movement and by Growth’s constituent communities?
  • How extensible should configuration aim to be?
  • What can be learned from the use of configurable elements on Mediawiki?
  • What metrics does the WMF have access to that can shed light on current configuration usage?

A combination of analysis of available metrics and interviews with current and potential future users. In other words, a 2-part design research process, in which qualitative interviews and data analysis form parallel workstreams.

Usability tests will be conducted in either a moderated or unmoderated format, and in languages that Design Strategy is able to readily support, such as English, Spanish, and Arabic.