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Author: tienglongmy

Sorry if this is in the wrong category. Pages opened on and using firefox will flash the page contents momentarily before going to a blank "loading" page. I have this problem for all pages on the Vietnamese sites. It's possible that the problem is linked to the VNI/telex input system. Wikipedia sites in other languages work fine, just the Vietnamese one seems to have this problem. The pages work fine in other browsers (ie, safari, etc...). This problem may be on my end, but I've read a few Vietnamese blogs of people having this same problem, so I wanted to share this bug.

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Severity: minor
Platform: Macintosh



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Thanks for your reporting. The pages look fine to me with Firefox 7, but it seems there's something wrong there.

What firefox version are you using? (FF 3?) On which OS?

Does it work if you disable javascript?

Do you see a difference if you use instead of ?

What if you disable all extra stuff such as CSS and JS?

tienglongmy wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

What firefox version are you using? (FF 3?) On which OS?

ff 3.6.23. on ubuntu 10.4

Does it work if you disable javascript?

Yep, good call, it's working when I turn off Java (Open JDK v.6)

Do you see a difference if you use instead of ?

No difference if Java is enabled

tienglongmy wrote:

So I tried changing the encoding to Vietnamese and a weird list of commands (press F8, F9, F7 or F12) in the status bar. When I press any one of the F-buttons, it does nothing but re-organize the order of the four commands.

Here's the exact readout of my status bar:

Kiểu gõ: Tự động [F9] | Chính tả: Tất [F8] | Bỏ dấu: Mới [F7] | Bật/Tắt [F12] - AVIM

I can reproduce this issue with Firefox 3.6.24 under Mac OS X. I am not sure what is happening there, but at some point we are getting redirected to a new page which never loads.

The root cause is the importAVIM.js script (reproduced locally) which use a document.write() calls. Since we have deployed the resource loader, this call cause blank page and should NOT BE USED.

So someone need to fix the [[vi:MediaWiki:ImportAVIM.js]] wiki page and edit the very top script:

if (wgServer != "" && wgServer != "") {

document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="'
        + ''
        + '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript"></' + 'script>');


I am not sure that code is really needed. Should just use importScript( 'MediaWiki:Him.js' );

Andy, can you get someone on viwiki to fix the script?

That's probably for other projects than viwikipedia that wanted to import it (wikibooks?). So they would want importScriptURI, not importScript.
Those comparison stopped working with the https deployment.

Lowering priority on high priority bugs that have a low severity

Roan first changed the wgServer comparison in

Then a bot replaced the document.write with mw.loader.load and made the url relative in

Marking as fixed. Hashar, can you please verify?

Marking as fixed. Hashar, can you please verify?

I do not have Firefox 3.6 anymore. I am assuming it really got fixed, will test / debug again if the issue is still appearing on the vi wikipedia.