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Newcomers and Registered RC filters fetch temp users
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  1. On a wiki where temp users made some edits go to Special:RecentChanges page
  2. Apply Registered and Newcomer filters (e.g. cswiki betalabs RC Registered users). Edits made by temp users will be returned.

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 1.18.36 PM.png (904×2 px, 248 KB)

Both filters descriptions refer to logged-in users: Registered - Logged-in editors, and Newcomer - Registered editors who have fewer than 10 edits....

Should the filters descriptions be changed to reflect that temp users are not exactly registered?
Or such filters should not fetch edits done by temp users?
Or temp users should be treated by RC filters as Unregistered?

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Perhaps some work needed to add in a new user Temporary type as a different RC filter that follows the guidance/outcome from T337103: Decide a standard approach for classifying temporary, IP and registered users