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Validate Diff screen event data
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Event Timeline

Verifying we are seeing Diff events in expected proportions (diff_open is most frequent event, rollback events are rare, see Data

Was waiting for some event data to show up, everything else is firing but still not seeing events for the following - can engineering check on the instrumentation for this event, thanks.

Schema: ios_watchlists

action = open_filter_settings

@SNowick_WMF From a quick look, it's looks like the local trigger to log that event may be missing or lost in a previous merge. Will get a PR up tomorrow to address this!

Validating that I am now seeing events in ios_watchlists where action = open_filter_settings, counts are very small but looks like fix was successful.

Will keep an eye on this and close ticket when I get more data. Engineering can consider this resolved unless otherwise noted.