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Mediarequests "Not found" error message is confusing
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The mediarequests API error message for files not found is quite confusing:

"The date(s) you used are valid, but we either do not have data for those date(s), or the project you asked for is not loaded yet. Please check for more information."

This would make sense if it was the message that returned for a a valid media file that simply doesn't have page view data available yet (e.g. too new). But this is also the message returned if you look up a non-existent file name, or even give a completely impossible server location:

It should give an error such as "there is no such file," so you actually know if the input was invalid, and distinguishes from a data issue in the API.

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@Dominicbm thank you for letting us know that our error messages need improvement.The feedback is very much appreciated!

@SGupta-WMF let's discuss a fix during sprint planning.

After grooming, we realize this is a feature request that we will not be able to prioritize this this sprint.

We will include this in our backlog to include in our future AQS2 enhancement work.