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Randomise content for users on Microsite
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Wiki-highlights experiment is an A/B test, where half the users(treatment group) will consume wiki-highlights and the other half(control group) will consume long-text articles. This content needs to be randomised ensure that we eliminate bias & there's statistical validity of the test.

*Category-level randomisation:*

  1. Each user will see a different long-text article category on the category page.
  2. If a user returns to the category page, they should see the same category as before during the session.
  3. If a user closes the session and comes back, they will see a different category at the top.
Acceptance Criteria
  • Each time a user on either treatment or control groups lands on the category page, the same category is displayed at the top during an active session.
  • When a user ends a session & returns to the category page, they should see a different category displayed at the top.
Test Scenarios
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Dropping this ticket as the work has been captured under ticket T345014