Implement 'dir' for prop=extlinks
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Please add a dir param for prop=extlinks.

Backed out of bug 26909, because I have at the moment no idea, how I can receive that without a filesort. Maybe some one has an idea. Thanks.

from bug 26909 comment 8:

They added an ORDER BY on el_to which is a partially-indexed blob
field, so that would filesort. The query isn't very nice as it is, but this
would make it worse.

from bug 26909 comment 10:

You should submit a new patch, either on this bug or on a new one (I don't
really care) that doesn't add the order by on el_to. I realize this may mean
the result set isn't completely reversed, but that's unavoidable; it's either
that or no dir param at all.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: enhancement


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See also bug 32386

primary key was added with gerrit 51675, maybe that helps

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