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Growth's config files were deleted on lt.wikipedia
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lt.wikipedia admins deleted MediaWiki:NewcomerTasks.json (one of Growth's on-wiki config files), see the deletion log. It is unclear why the configuration file was deleted. The deletion makes Growth features (fully) unusable, as the templates for template-based tasks are not configured anywhere.

To be on the safe end, @KStoller-WMF decided to temporarily disable Growth features on lt.wikipedia, (at least) until we can get in touch properly and come to an agreement. This was done via this patch.

Acceptance Criteria
  • Growth engages with lt.wikipedia community and determines the reason for config file deletion.
  • Growth features are re-enabled, with the Copy edit task disabled.

Event Timeline

I've disabled the Growth features for now, as instructed by Kirsten. Filling this task for tracking purposes.

The answer is that this was an intentional action with the goal of disabling Growth features (that's where we currently are, so at the very least, community wishes are respected).

Sounds like we have the OK to enable Growth features / restore the config files, but with just the Copy Edit task disabled. And sounds like they might also be interested in setting up Mentorship! :)

@Trizek-WMF - No rush, but let us know which day we should re-enable. Should we enable tomorrow / September 24th, or wait until next week?

Change 952808 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm; author: Urbanecm):

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Revert "ltwiki: Disable Growth features"

Urbanecm_WMF added a subscriber: Trizek-WMF.

Per @Trizek-WMF's confirmation, this is ok to deploy now, without the Copyediting task. Patch uploaded.

Change 952808 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Revert "ltwiki: Disable Growth features"

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-08-28T13:04:58Z] <urbanecm@deploy1002> Started scap: Backport for [[gerrit:952808|Revert "ltwiki: Disable Growth features" (T344013)]]

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-08-28T13:06:24Z] <urbanecm@deploy1002> urbanecm: Backport for [[gerrit:952808|Revert "ltwiki: Disable Growth features" (T344013)]] synced to the testservers mwdebug1001.eqiad.wmnet, mwdebug2002.codfw.wmnet, mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet, mwdebug2001.codfw.wmnet, and mw-debug kubernetes deployment (accessible via k8s-experimental XWD option)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-08-28T13:14:03Z] <urbanecm@deploy1002> Finished scap: Backport for [[gerrit:952808|Revert "ltwiki: Disable Growth features" (T344013)]] (duration: 09m 04s)

Growth features are back on track. I will follow up with the community, on wiki.