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Transwiki import to multilingual (old) wikisource broken: fix $wgImportSources
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As discussed here:, transwiki import to multilingual (aka "old") wikisource has been broken for some time. There are a number of issues. Until recently only importing from the english wikisource functioned. Other import attempts resulted in: ''Import failed: Expected <mediawiki> tag, got'' For some reason sa.wikisource had been set up differently and ''was'' wrong, but because of the fix to sa.wikisource is now the only import source that works. Why the other import sources didn't work previously is not clear so they should be checked for functionality, not merely changed. Sister subdomains should now be declared by only their two digit language code.

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I don't understand, does this happen whatever the size of the import?
Ah, now I see it, wgImportSources currently is:

'sourceswiki' => array(

		'sa', 's:ang', 's:ar', 's:az', 's:bg', 's:bn', 's:bs', 's:ca', 's:cs', 's:cy',
		's:da', 's:de', 's:el', 's:en', 's:es', 's:et', 's:fa', 's:fi', 's:fo',
		's:fr', 's:gl', 's:he', 's:hr', 's:ht', 's:hu', 's:hy', 's:id', 's:is',
		's:it', 's:ja', 's:kn', 's:ko', 's:la', 's:lt', 's:mk', 's:ml', 's:nl',
		's:no', 's:pl', 's:pt', 's:ro', 's:ru', 's:sk', 's:sl', 's:sr', 's:sv',
		's:ta', 's:te', 's:th', 's:tr', 's:uk', 's:vi', 's:yi', 's:zh', 'meta', 'commons',


so all the s: prefixes must be removed.
Reedy, could you take care of this soonish? It's a simple config change and this si an actual (quite important) bug.

Reedy: Could you take a look at comment 2, please?

I have deployed the change on the live cluster. Can you test it on your wiki please?

Maybe any wikisource should be allowed as an import source?