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Fundraising banner text overlaps photo on Kindle Fire in portrait mode
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The banner text on the "Please read: personal appeal form Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales" banner overlaps with the photo on Kindle Fire's browser in portrait mode.

(In landscape mode there's enough space and no overlap.)

Will attach screenshot (but not a pretty one, as I haven't figured out how to take native screenshots or enable Android USB debugging)

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Created attachment 9472
photo of kindle fire screen

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Created attachment 9473
another banner where text is clipped

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Created attachment 9474
Cleaner screenshot of banner with overlapping text


device-2011-11-16-111416.png (1×600 px, 258 KB)

Created attachment 9475
Cleaner screenshot of banner with clipped text


device-2011-11-16-111400.png (1×600 px, 249 KB)

These banners are long gone, closing out.