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Android app menu icons are SUPER HUGE on mdpi devices (G1, Kindle Fire)
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Screenshot in Android emulator, 2.3 at mdpi

The android menu plugin is doing some fairly broken things with icon sizing; the current icons display at about the right size only on hdpi (240dpi / 1.5x multiplier) devices. On mdpi (160dpi / 1.0 multiplier) such as an emulator configuration like the classic G1 or the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, they're REALLY HUGE and actually block out the text entirely.

Setting as a blocker on the 1.0 release tracking bug 31447.

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: normal


Screenshot_at_2011-11-16_13:29:38.png (564×793 px, 137 KB)



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Screenshot on Kindle Fire

An Android 2.3-based tablet without proprietary Google APIs (running with the provisional fix from bug 32445). Shows the same icon sizing error as regular phone emu also at mdpi.


device-2011-11-16-133129.png (1×600 px, 97 KB)

This question on stack overflow is relevant:

hacking in the suggested fix there into AppMenu's getIcon() ends up with the icons always being drawn at native device resolution, which is what we'd want when loading icons sized for each resolution:

Alternatively, it could be switched from loading icons out of the Android resources and we can just let the native system take over (resolving from the right subdirs, properly scaling the default size if no native one available). If these icons are meant to be Android-specific then that's probably the nicest thing to do.

Ok I've got a combination of the various bits together with quickly bulk-resized images as pull req: