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Netherlands fundraising messages for iOS app
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Hey my colleagues what is hAPPening :) Thank you for the energy and intelligence you are putting into standing up new fundraising efforts in the apps this year. It's really appreciated; and impactful.

We have our Netherlands web-Wiki banner campaign scheduled in September. I think y'all are still determining when exactly app banners will run, and whether you can support two languages simultaneously.

I'll post the English + Dutch messages here for future reference.

Country: Netherlands (NL)
Languages: Dutch, English
Start date: September 5, 2023
End date: October 3, 2023

English Message

<b>Wikipedia is not for sale.</b><br>
<i>A personal message from Jimmy Wales</i><br>
Today I humbly ask you to reflect on the number of times you have used the Wikipedia app this year, the value you’ve gotten from it, and whether you’re able to give €2 back. The Wikimedia Foundation relies on readers to support the technology that makes Wikipedia and our other projects possible. Being a nonprofit means there is no danger that someone will buy Wikipedia and turn it into their personal playground. If Wikipedia has given you €2 worth of knowledge this year, please give back. Thank you. — <i>Jimmy Wales, founder, Wikimedia Foundation</i>

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English Message Donate link:

Dutch Message

<b>Wikipedia is niet te koop.</b><br>
<i>Een persoonlijke boodschap van Jimmy Wales.</i><br>
Sta je weleens stil bij de keren dat je de Wikipedia-app hebt gebruikt dit jaar? Als je dat nuttig vond, zou je dan € 2 willen geven? De Wikimedia Foundation is afhankelijk van lezers die de technologie willen ondersteunen die Wikipedia en andere projecten mogelijk maakt. Omdat we een non-profitorganisatie zijn, bestaat er geen gevaar dat iemand ineens Wikipedia koopt en ermee aan de haal gaat. Als je vindt dat Wikipedia je dit jaar € 2 aan kennis heeft gegeven, overweeg dan een donatie. Alvast bedankt. — <i>Jimmy Wales, oprichter van de Wikimedia Foundation</i>

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Dutch Message Donate link:

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