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Improve User Experience for Code Health Check Tool
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Improve the user experience for the Code Health Check Tool by doing the following

  • Include in notes regarding creation of .env file containing GIT_CLONE_PATH and PHABRICATOR_TOKEN and mention the example included .env file
  • Include a sensible relative path default for GIT_CLONE_PATH if it isn’t set so it becomes optional
  • Emit nicer error message if PHABRICATOR_TOKEN is not defined
    • This should happen in wikimedia_code_health_check_cli/ and wikimedia_code_health_check_cli/ It could likely just be a simple, new def validate_config: function that runs a quick regexp against phab_api_token once it gets set.
  • If GIT_CLONE_PATH doesn’t end in closing forward slash ‘/’, add it (otherwise directories like ‘local_reposKartographer’ get created)
    • note: I don't think we should do this. As noted above, the default is reasonable and correct already and I don't want to try to guess or assume what config another person might mess up who's running the cli. I think there needs to be some idea of a user of the cli being able to set up relevant environment variables correctly.


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