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Publish WDQS JNL files to
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As requested I'm creating this ticket to focus discussion around the possibility of providing these JNL files to
And also to appeal to the folks that find these JNL files useful to see if it is worth the effort.

Reading from my experiments:

More content to come...

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@dr0ptp4kt and I were looking at this today and it occurred to me that the JNL file is uncompressed.

Thus, I gzipped the main wikidata JNL file from wdqs1016, which takes ~4 hours using pigz at maximum compression rate with all (32) cores, and we end up with a ~400 GB file compared to 1.2 TB uncompressed.

Leaving this here in case it's relevant to the dumps discussion.

Adding some usage numbers to this task.
Of the JNL files that I am currently hosting on cloudflare, 4.28 TB traffic has been used in the past 30 days, which equates to roughly 3-4 downloads of the file.

I think the ammount of time taken to decompress the JNL file should also be taken into consideration on varying hardware if compression is being considered.