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Track new iOS installs coming from Android shared Reading Lists
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In order to validate new installs that are a result of Reading Lists shared from the Android app we are investigating replicating the new install tracking method used by Android and saved to the android_install_referrer_event schema This is the ideal solution for reasons listed below which is additional info shared by @Tsevener about possibly tracking this in-app.

We should be able to manually track these new installs using a campaign tracking ID through the App Store console with the caveat that in order to verify the campaign is working To see a campaign, your app needs to be installed by at least 5 individual Apple IDs. which we may be able to do through QA and staff installs.

We may also be able to track new installs using a sequential analysis of events since the standard flow is user hits landing page > downloads app > returns to landing page > taps button. if we start a counter of how many times they have backgrounded the app, if it's zero or one, and they land on the import shared reading lists modal. It's also possible to verify by checking if users first action is opening Reading Lists and user is new to our dataset in ios_user_history. This tracking is limited however as we default to not sharing app analytics, and we skip onboarding if new installs are importing shared reading lists, so they are never prompted for permission.

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Note: One thing to consider if we are unable to verify the campaign working in App Store is to show new installs the Onboarding flow after installing from Shared List (which is how it's done on Android) where at least some users will select the option to share event data for our tracking.

See: for info about Campaign info availability in App Store. This ticket will track our ability to count new installs using existing joined table data and the T345111 ticket will track creation of an ios_install_referrer_event schema.