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Invalid restriction level in arwiki DB
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Before 2022-10-18 arwiki has edit restrection level for (Editors user group) named "review".
In T321111 patch The edit restrection level for (Editors user group) renamed to "editeditorprotected". put this was buggy patch because the Database does not changed and all old (Editors user group) proteced pages valued to "review".
The patch must excute SQL statement like

UPDATE page_restrictions SET pr_level = 'editeditorprotected' WHERE pr_level = 'review'

If it possible we want this query to be excuted to arwiki DB. or we will do it by bot.

Also check if anothor DBs in T230103 has same bug.

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We resolve this bug in arwiki by Bot task. This can be closed if there are not any other DBs has same effect.

Boldly closing per last comment