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[Epic] Platform Schema Governance and Guidelines
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As part of the new schema approach on Metrics Platform custom data will be deliberately deprioritised in favour of the new schema fragment approach.

In the past, it was possible to create new fields as needed as each schema was built individually even if there was overlap between them.

In the future, Metrics Platform needs to design and document both how it will govern expansion of schema fragments as well as provide guidelines for teams creating and submitting for review new schema fragments.


SDS 2.5.1

Success Criteria

  • First draft is available to use during porting of instruments to new system, so that we can test it
  • It should be straightforward for any new employee to understand solely from the documentation what is required to create and submit a new schema fragment
  • It should be be intuitive to find the documentation
  • There needs to be a documented contract for ownership of this governance process and it needs to be incorporated into ongoing maintenance/sustainability/ownership work
  • There should be an SLO and SLAs overing this work that is updated based on the experience of client teams

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