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[UX] Design for Edit recovery
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Show all the different kinds of messages and warnings in context.

Use cases:

The next ones depend on how we handle T342738 (i.e. when separate data is saved when logged-in vs logged-out):

  • When editing a page while logged in that you previously edited both while logged in and logged out, explain that there are two possible states to restore.
  • When editing while logged out but there exists data for the logged-in user, show a brief warning and suggest they log in. (This might be a bad idea, as it alerts possibly a different person to the existence of the data.)

Give a general overview of stored data:

  • Add a link to the personal menu that opens a page that lists ''all'' data that's stored for edit recovery. This could be a list of page titles, with a toggle for each to expand a diff view of the change, and a way to delete each list item. Also, a 'delete all' button somewhere prominent. This is all tracked in: T347673: Create special page to list all recovery data