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[DO NOT USE] Tamil Wiki projects (tracking) [superseded by #Tamil-Sites]
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WARNING: This tracking task has been superseded by Tamil-Sites. Please use/watch that project instead. Migration task: T152286



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Adding dependency to tracking bug 2007.

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WARNING: We're discussing at T152286: Replace tracking task T34578 by creating #Tamil-Sites to convert this tracking task into a Tag. Please see the discussion there. Thanks.
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MarcoAurelio removed subtasks: T152286: Replace tracking task T34578 by creating #Tamil-Sites, T75453: Tamil sort order, T65863: Activating File Upload Wizard in, T70299: Allow change of interface language, T41826: Tamil + Malayalam Wiktionary: Namespace link broken for Main page, no link to go back to main page, T35085: Lohit-Tamil Font improvements, T40138: Fix Tamil Transliteration rules for ஸ்ரீ க்ஷ், T50032: Math extension doesn't support many languages including Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil, T36686: Left alligned images should come alongside text, T36681: Feedback text overlaps with personal bar on Tamil Wikipedia, T36615: Disable Moodbar on Tamil Wikipedia, T36586: Increase allowable feedback text length, T36560: Moodbar on ta.wikipedia, T34766: Remove Bamini from Narayam on Tamil Wikiprojects AND Comments on Tamil Inscript, T33145: Install Gadgets on Tamil wikiprojects, T33142: Narayam Install request, T33141: Update tamil typing rules, T33026: Shortcut CTRTL+M is not always the correct shortcut, T33025: Narayam Tamil Transliteration Bug, T34619: Enable Narayam extension on Commons, T38152: Wiktionary on mobile doesnt device detect and redirect to mobile version, T36265: Ability to hide bot edits on history page, T32801: Update tamil typing rules, T40952: ShortUrls giving 404 unless force reloading page, T34340: Translation of project namespace and sitename for tawikibooks, T40905: ShortUrl does not work on non wikipedia projects, T31076: "Main Page" link is removed in vectorTabs, T37878: Enable e-mail notifications for watchlist (EnotifWatchlist) on tawiki, T40861: ShortUrl fails for particular url, T40863: Put the shorturl in a better place: current design is extremely ugly and confusing, T34257: Narayam should default to Tamil-only on Tamil Wiki projects, T36009: Translation of project namespace and site-name for ta.wikiquote, T40774: Enable AFTv5 on, T39277: Enable Collection Extension on tawiki, T39237: Change Wikisource namespace for Tamil wikisource, T39207: canonicalurl: Permanent URL on Special:Cite page should encode URL in unicode, T39154: Modify Collection format variables from PDF to ODT for Tamil Wikiprojects, T33936: Enable WebFonts extension on all Tamil Wiki Projects, T33904: Bamini keyboard map needs fix + Unit Tests, T33889: Include more Tamil webfonts, T33862: New logo for Tamil Wikibooks, T32178: Set transliteration as default for Tamil in Narayam, T33774: Tamil 99 scheme has a bug, T33693: Preference to choose default Webfont, T33665: Add new layout for Tamil in Narayam, T30206: PDF generation does not support Complex Script Wikis (e.g. Indic languages) and needs to be re-written, T25048: Change name of Portal talk namespace on Tamil Wikipedia, T33538: Narayam Installation Request, T31816: Update tamil typing rules, T31798: Install Narayam on Tamil wiki projects, T31776: Support to Typing tools / Narayam in Inputbox, T35242: Search suggestion highlighting does not respect grapheme clusters causing wrong rendering for Arabic and Indic scripts, T21619: Adding logo to Tamil Wikinews, T8982: Request for setting up tamil wikisource site, T6889: Image talk pages treated as separate articles, T3450: Enable Extension:ShortUrl on or.wikipedia, ta.wikipedia..., T4981: Linktrail for Tamil (ta), T6537: Categories created using Tamil words not recognised in stats, T15222: Site name translated to Tamil (ta), T15220: Set Wikipedia namespace for ta.wp, T15221: Request Portal Namespace, T4753: Some namespaces are not translated in LanguageTa.php (Tamil), T4361: Support dynamic fonts (CSS 3 @font-face, ttf/otf/eot, web fonts, WOFF).

This tracking task has been superseded by Tamil-Sites. Please use/watch that project instead. Thank you.

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