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allow customizing of category sections
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Author: a.d.bergi

Each category has its own sorting order (customizing of that is T30397), and when a category is shown the collation is splitted up by starting letters (of the sort key). For big categories and categories sorted by a date it would be very useful to change the behavior of that splitting prozess.
E.g. in a category where all sortkeys start with a year the sections should be titled with four digit numbers.

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Severity: enhancement



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This would be difficult to implement for uca based collations (I believe anyways). For the "uppercase" and "identity" collations it would be more do-able to implement (not sure how it'd work with the magic we do for Hangul syllables though), but I'm not exactly sure how one would cleanly hook a parser func into Collation::getFirstLetter.

This is very similar and possibly a dupe of bug 2802.

See also [[mw:extension:CategorySortHeaders]]

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