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Dan's review of Data Platform Engineering Maintainership Scope
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T345872: Review Scope Sheet and Update

The Data Platform Engineering Maintainership Scope, specifically the "DPE Scope", sheet contains a list of all existing systems that may belong to DPE as a whole.


  • Review DPE ownership sheet and add any missing
    • Dimensions / Characteristics
    • Add missing systems, components and groups(even ones that might be owned by us or where ownership is unclear)
    • Add documentation links
    • Add repo links
    • Add monitoring/dashboard links

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I burned through my budgeted hour (it was really two hours) on this and I added a bunch of links, details, cleanup, and I only got through like 15% of the sheet. I think my estimate of 12 hours is closer to what it would take to get through it, but marking done as per spike.