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Evaluative testing of the community prototype workflow
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Run a quick, structured, unmoderated usability study with either internal Wikimedians or where we ask participants to run through the project page, prototype, and form submission workflow.

To do

  • Figure out what the user flow is for participation
  • Put a testing plan together
  • configure userlytics test
  • run test
  • review data
  • write up results
  • modify participation workflow to improve participant experience

Event Timeline

@Jdrewniak @sgrabarczuk @ovasileva The only thing blocking this usability testing is laying out the exact steps that folks will need to do in order to participate. If we get that nailed down today/tomorrow then we'll be ready to share the prototype before the end of the sprint (from my perspective).

The community participation workflow looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 3.23.00 PM.png (1×2 px, 392 KB)

Testing results

  • We need to coach people that the survey is at the bottom of the VE page on MediaWiki during participation. Their eyes glide right over the editor. It doesn't look like a survey, so maybe lets not call it a survey.
  • No one read the participation page, whatever we think people need to participate needs to be in the banner / survey box
  • The banner performed well, so did the sliders. Kudos @Jdrewniak :-D
  • We need to be clear about how long the task will take to complete and with whom the results will be shared and where
  • Let's go end to end through the process and tighten up our language to make sure we're using consistent wording.


@ovasileva and I will go through the results in our 1:1 this afternoon and put any changes into T344443.