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[[MediaWiki:Discussiontools-replywidget-abandon/ja]] translation issue
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The English source may have a issue. The first "you" in this sentence is using {{GENDER:|}}, but the second one is not. If there is no special reason, the second "you" should also be included in {{GENDER:|}}.

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The single-parameter {{GENDER:|}} does nothing, it just indicates to translators that they may use GENDER in their translations (and displays its single parameter), so embedding the second “you” in {{GENDER:|}} wouldn’t make any difference.

I wasn't sure where the markup should be placed in English. I had a look at existing uses: In most cases the markup is placed on the pronoun "you" (if it's used in the sentence) or on the verb, and only once per message, so I followed this convention. (Even though in translations, it can affect other parts of speech and entire phrases, but I think this is intended to make it less distracting for translators working in languages without gender distinctions.)