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API support for useformat=mobile
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Copying request from the mediawiki-api list. Tried to get the reporter to report this themselves, but apparently the restrictions put in place after the spam attack prevented that.

Hi All,
Will the useformat=mobile be supported by MediaWiki API where appropriate?

I am able to do the following for non mobile content
$.getJSON(''+encodeURIComponent(query)+'&prop=text&format=json&callback=?', function(json) {
// do stuff

It would be nice if adding the parameter useformat=mobile would get the json object of the mobile page content


but this link returns a file containing a json object of the page content


Asher Szmulewicz

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asher wrote:

This feature is supported since Dec 16th 2011 thanks to Patrick Reilly who added JSONP/callback support
It is working very well in all browsers except IE9 (yes it works in IE7 and 8)
The problem is a security problem
the solution of the problem from the msdn guys
The problem is an X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff declaration and returning a JavaScript file without a JavaScript MIME type. This can only be fixed by either removing the nosniff declaration or by fixing the MIME type to indicate that the file is, in fact, script.
Can you please fix this
Asher Szmulewicz

Probably better if done through the API ?

asher wrote:

You may be right since the API works in IE9
In the meantime if the response header is changed from
Content-Type:application/json (this is its value today) to
it will work also for IE9 w/o changing the X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff

Extension:MobileFrontend could provide an API to something like api.php?action=query&list=mobilecontent

asher wrote:

(In reply to comment #4)

Extension:MobileFrontend could provide an API to something like

I thought adding the parameter useFormat=mobile (to be consistent with extension:mobileFrontend) whenever possible in the api.
I am using the following
function(json) {
do stuff
It would become
function(json) {
do stuff

I'm currently working on this. It looks the following way: api.php?action=parse&page=foo&mobileformat=wml

As it's part of the normal API, all usual formats are supported, unlike the current hack.