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Delete MediaWiki.*.growthexperiments.taskcount.link_recommendation.* from Graphite
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Growth-Team stopped producing MediaWiki.*.growthexperiments.taskcount.link_recommendation.* metric to Graphite. I also dropped the relevant Grafana chart from our dashboard. Since the metrics are no longer produced and no longer needed, I ask them to be deleted from Graphite itself.

FTR, this is a one-off clean-up after decomissioning a metric. See T345210: Stop sending per-topic task counts to statsd/Grafana for the Growth team end of things.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-09-19T08:41:26Z] <godog> remove MediaWiki.*.growthexperiments.taskcount.link_recommendation.* from graphite - T346371

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Thank you for reaching out @Urbanecm_WMF and letting us know about metric cleanup! This is done