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Recurring contribution lookup failing for some iDEAL donations
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A message was removed from the queue due to the following error(s):
Error: IMPORT_SUBSCRIPTION Found matching recurring contribution(s): implode(', ', Array) Source: array ( )

I believe this failure comes when we try to insert a recur record with the same invoice ID as an existing one. If we have an existing recur row for a contribution we should instead be finding that row earlier and attaching the new contribution to the existing recur row.

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This seems to have come in from the audit processor. The damaged message date is 9/16 and the original contribution plus associated token and recur rows were created on 9/7. Why didn't the audit processor drop the row as already imported?

Ejegg moved this task from In Progress to Done on the Fundraising Tech - Chaos Crew board.

Aha, there were two iDEAL donations created within a minute of each other by the same donor. We don't actually want a second subscription here. Re-importing the message as non-recurring.