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PLbot seems to not update for about 10 days now.
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It seems the last PLBot update was on the 7th of this month:

image.png (961×1 px, 33 KB)

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With the lack of context about what PLbot is/was, I'm assuming you are talking about the bot on WikiData Wiki (

If that is the case, You need to contact the bot owner as per the method on the User page.

Although having a look at GUC it does appear to be still editing at least (

What context are you missing? Why did you not ask me to add that before marking it as invalid?

Maybe this context helps. Each Wikidata property has on the Discussion page a link for "Usage history (main statement)". That link gives the above screenshot for P2201.

That plot is not updated. The SPARQL query mentions PLBot. Your guess is as good as mine what bot that it.

But I don't think the "usage history" requires editing Wikidata, so I am not sure what you mean with that.

What's next? Should I create a new ticket? Should this ticket be reopened?

Hi @EgonWillighagen, thanks for taking the time to report this.

Bug reports for that bot software are not tracked in Wikimedia Phabricator, thus this ticket was closed as invalid (as it's "the wrong place").
Please bring this up with the owner of that bot - thanks!