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Phase out #wikimedia-quibble IRC channel in favor of #wikimedia-releng
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We have created the #wikimedia-quibble IRC channel for Quibble in 2021 (T286770) with the intention to facilitate exchanges about it.

@Krinkle had wikibugs to also relay messages to #wikimedia-releng (gerrit-channel: Include integration/quibble in #wikimedia-releng).

Given the channel barely has any discussion and notifications are already in releng, I suggest to redirect the channel to #wikimedia-releng.

wikibugs2, wm-bot would need to be adjusted.

wm-bot2 and wmopbot are managed by IRC volunteer ops in #wikimedia-ops to manage channel rights and I guess they can set the redirection.

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Peachey88 subscribed.

wmopbot can be parted with !part by any of the ops in #wikimedia-ops

ircservserv can be cleaned up with a appropriate patchset.

wm-bot can be parted by by the wm-both channel admin or a global admin -

The channel can then be redirect with the normal channel modes for on the access list with the appropriate rights.

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Sounds like we need to contact folks still in the channel + IRC operators to close it.

Change 967133 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar; author: Hashar):

[labs/tools/wikibugs2@master] Remove #wikimedia-quibble (already in #wikimedia-releng)

Change 967133 merged by jenkins-bot:

[labs/tools/wikibugs2@master] Remove #wikimedia-quibble (already in #wikimedia-releng)

There is still some bots (ircservserv-wm, wm-bot2, wmopbot) and we need redirect to #wikimedia-releng.