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GitLab Private Repository Request for: Wikimedia Stewards
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  • The name of your repository: stewards scripts (or something similar). can be created in the to-be-created stewards space (T346924)
  • The purpose of your repository: Scripts used by Wikimedia Stewards for anti-abuse purposes that are sensitive for WP:BEANS reasons
  • The username(s) of the owner(s) and maintainer(s) of your repository: @Urbanecm (but see T346924)
  • Phabricator project where administrators should report any tasks related to your repository: Stewards-and-global-tools is the closest. happy to create a dedicated one if needed.
  1. Please check the box to agree and acknowledge the following:
    • All owners and maintainers have GitLab 2fa enabled and are using strong passwords
    • Private repositories are only for restricted information, not confidential information
    • Accept the risks associated with private repositories, e.g.:
      • Configuration changes – Any repository owner may change the visibility of your repository
      • Forks – Anyone with the ability to fork your repo may change settings on their fork and expose information
      • Forge vulnerabilities – GitLab may have an unknown vulnerability that may leak information contained within or metadata about this repository

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@Urbanecm you should have access as an owner of the containing group, but please ping me if that doesn't work.

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