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SemanticMaps: Altitude
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It would be nice to add the third coordinate to `Geographic coordinate' data type to represent altitude. Currently latitude and longitude are separated either with comma or semicolon. The third component could be treated as altitude, e. g.:

45° 1′ N, 55° 30′ E, 1000 m


25° 56′ N, 45° 32′ E, -100 ft

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Agreed, this would be nice. I might have a go at it to wake up tomorrow :)

SMW changes in r104580 - now SM only needs to update it's DataValue class accordingly.

SM can not nicely doing this without first cleaning up the coordinate handling in Maps, which is for the 1.1 release. Just released 1.0.5, so work on this can start.

Badon added a comment.Feb 8 2012, 9:26 PM

Here's a bug that also affects the cleaning up of coordinate handling:

Unasigning myself as I am not currently working on this.

Changing to DataValues component as this is where the parser is now.