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Engineering Task for reintroducing Places to Android App
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The Nearby (Places) feature allows users to see articles based on location. It is a feature that currently exists on iOS but was removed from Android (T228661). This was due to issues with Open Street Maps. After receiving several requests to revisit adding the feature back to the app our team explored the feasibility to add Nearby back to the Android app. After collaborating with @MSantos we learned of improvements to Open Street Maps. Once it became clear it was feasible to reintroduce the feature to the Android app. We then needed clearance to prioritize the work.

One of the goals of the Annual Plan is to:

Interested readers will discover and browse more content, measured via a 10% increase in internally referred page interactions in representative wikis.

We believe by reintroducing this feature it will increase interactions with Wikipedia articles, which gives us the runway to work on this project.

Product Requirements


  • Add technical guidance and documentation to this ticket
  • Breakdown engineering tasks for this work and create subtasks
  • Repurpose this task as an engineering task as needed

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