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Parsoid CI failing on EventLoggingTest::testDispatchAddsContextAttributes
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12:53:38 2) EventLoggingTest::testDispatchAddsContextAttributes
12:53:38 Failed asserting that two strings are identical.
12:53:38 --- Expected
12:53:38 +++ Actual
12:53:38 @@ @@
12:53:38 -'/analytics/mediawiki/client/metrics_event/1.2.0'
12:53:38 +'/analytics/mediawiki/client/metrics_event/2.0.0'

Presumably from in T344235

The difference seems to be between quibble composer loading the newly released version vs quibble vendor.

I put up and made depend on it and it seems to pass. But there's some circularity in the vendor patch, seeing as how that's failing.

An example of a Parsoid patch that was failing is but I've now made that Depends-On the EventLogging patch and it should pass.