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Upload Wizard: Redesign own work license step
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As part of improving the release rights step of Upload Wizard on Commons T347298, we will make UX improvements to the licensing step for own work.

Design research indicated that uploaders often select the own work option when uploading a file even if is it not their own work given the easiness of copyright information required. This introduces more moderation work later on as these uploads violate Commons rules. The changes intend to make the own work process more intentional.

Changes include:

  • Additional questions and examples to reconfirm work originality
  • Adding a AI-generated option
  • Change to the licensing options
  • Add "terms and conditions" to confirm understanding of commons guidelines

This ticket is split in 3 subtasks, one for each licensing question, containing designs and AC:

  1. Original work threshold T347755
  2. Creative Commons license T347756
  3. Comply with guidelines T347757

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