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MoodBar and WikiLove don't work on Incubator with WikimediaIncubator extension installed
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The MoodBar & WikiLove extensions don't work on Wikimedia Incubator when the Incubator-specific extension is installed.

The MoodBar didn't show up and when the Incubator extension was disabled temporarily, it did show up. The same mysterious problem probably causes WikiLove (not enabled atm) not to work either.

Testing on trunk and on a local 1.18wmf1 checkout with the three extensions enabled doesn't give any problems (except for a "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$user_options in C:\wamp\www\mw\wmf\includes\User.php on line 1083" on the 1.18wmf1 branch but I suppose that is unrelated)

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Still not working even after yesterday's extensions updates..

Should be fixed after deploying r107120.

Merged in wmf branch with r107125.
Deployed live too :)