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Change in Database api break extensions
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Author: mediawiki

wrapper function newFromType

The change to the api in revision 90430 break the extension ExternalData and may disturb the extensions Asksql, SQL2Wiki, WikiTrust.

The attached patch create a wrapper function around the new factory() one.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal




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mediawiki wrote:

patch file

same as previous attachment


r90430 for those of us who like links.

I can't actually get Asksql to work even with this change in... it gets a Database object, but the actual query ends up failing in some mysterious way.

Ok, Asksql doesn't work in 1.17 either (which introduced Database::newFromType if I'm reading right). :P :)

I didn't read the damn docs. Sorry false alarm. ;)

Applied on trunk in r105372, plus a tweak to convert the 'tableprefix' entry to 'tablePrefix' to match new behavior.

Confirmed works with Asksql extension (which has to be set up correctly -- don't forget to define its custom parameters for the sql username/pass!)

Marking for merge to 1.18 for a 1.18.1.