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Organize the first language community meeting (November 2023)
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Before the meet

  • Gather and review agenda items
  • Recruit facilitators
  • Finalize a date and time
  • Pick a communication medium for the meeting
  • Add details on a wiki page and setup a process for attendees to express interest in joining
  • Add details about the meeting in the quarterly newsletter
  • Promote the meeting and share reminders via mailing lists and other relevant venues
  • Fill out the translation & interpretation support request form (staff access only)

During the meet

  • Begin meeting facilitation with a quick introduction round
  • Take notes (attendees joined, discussion topics, resources shared)
  • Record the meeting; let participants be aware before starting the recording
  • Share with all attendees the link to join the Telegram chat for follow-up conversations

After the meet

  • Add the meeting recording & notes document link on the wiki page

Event Timeline

Hello @srishakatux good day,

I am precious, I am so excited to be here. Please I want to ask a question.

Is this a task that needs to be worked on?
If yes, can I be assigned to it?

Hello @Preshy54

Great having you here,

  1. If you are looking for technical support tasks to work on, we tagged them as good first tasks on the workboard backlog column
  2. if you are specifically interested to help organise community meetings, you can let us know as well

Please clarify what kind of tasks you are looking for.

Hello Mary, God day.

I am contributing under the project Multilingual Wikipedia Editor Survey, i
am looking for a project related to that, just like translating project or
preparing a survey message.


@Preshy54 It looks like you are an Outreachy applicant. :) You might want to communicate further on the related task itself.

Good Evening @srishakatux , do you mean on what task am looking for or do you mean about the task here:


If its on the task above, i would love to discuss about it and on how to proceed.

thank you.

Around ~40 participants joined the meeting. Recording added to the wiki page.