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de.planet stuck
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de.planet stucks since 2011-11-25. I disabled a blog which is now a redirect with r105111 but it seems not to help :-(

I miss entries from at least from and

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Somebody needs to log in and poke it to check its update logs / output; may need caches cleared, or just fixing of another blog that's funky for some reason.

Are any of those in the de planet config.ini file? They seem to be mostly from the french or english.

Nope, none of them are in there.

Mutante did some more direct poking and we confirmed the de_DE.UTF-8 locale seems to be missing. Commenting out the locale line in the config.ini gets it running temporarily.

Final fix per mark bergsma should be to make sure the locale is selected and run 'dkpg-reconfigure locales' or such.

We're having trouble getting it to recognize the locale still.

I'm temporarily removing the locale setting in r105228; that should clear it up for now.

Fixed by adding "de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8" to /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and running dpkg-reconfigure locales...

de_DE.UTF-8... done

update now works again when having the locales setting enabled, just had a slightly wrong format before, was just "de_DE UTF-8"

Enabled locale setting in config.ini for "de" planet on the server again (but not in svn yet)

as a note: even though this works again, while looking at this i found there may still be room for improvement in the way planet tries to set the locale in the first place.. the code is:

if config.has_option("Planet", "locale"):

  1. The user can specify more than one locale (separated by ":") as
  2. fallbacks. locale_ok = False for user_locale in config.get("Planet", "locale").split(':'): user_locale = user_locale.strip() try: locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, user_locale) except locale.Error: pass else: locale_ok = True break if not locale_ok: print >>sys.stderr, "Unsupported locale setting." sys.exit(1)

But people say:

"You should not pass an explicit locale to setlocale, it is wrong. Let it find out from the environment. You have to pass it an empty string"

and problems in general with this not working cross-platform

"correct locale name has different names on different installations of python."