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Leveling Up: scale to all wikis that have the new Impact Module
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User story & summary:

As the Growth team, I want more wikis to have Leveling Up features, so I can come to conclusive results.

Background & research:

This task is important because we've completed initial analysis of Leveling up features, and results are positive but some of the experiment groups are still too small to come to conclusive decisions.


Test group: released with the A/B test configuration that we have on the pilot wikis (50% get the new impact module, 50% get the old impact module)

  • Greek Wikipedia (el)
  • Persian Wikipedia (fa)
  • French Wikipedia (fr)
  • French Wiktionary (frwikt)
  • Indonesian Wikipedia (id)
  • Polish Wikipedia (pl)
  • Portuguese Wikipedia (pt)
  • Romanian Wikipedia (ro)
  • Turkish Wokipedia (tr)
  • Vietnamese Wikipedia (vi)
Acceptance Criteria:

Given I'm at a wiki that has the new Impact Module,
Then my wiki also has the new Leveling Up features.