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Allow copying revert reason after revert failed
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"I hate when I write out an AGF revert reason through ultraviolet and then I go to revert, and then theres a newer edit and I lose the reason" (Yoshi24517, Wikimedia Discord)

Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):
Add a button in the "new revision was detected toast" to copy the revert reason. Also redisplay this toast after navigating to the new revision.

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Sportzpikachu moved this task from Needs Triaging to Backlog on the Ultraviolet board.

Hmm, perhaps allowing copying isn't the solution here, as it involves another button press. Two things I see that we could do here:

  • Upon finding a new diff, store the saved edit summary, then redirect to the new diff. Upon pressing the rollback button again, pre-fill the text input box with the typed-out reason.
    • This only ever requires local storage (or perhaps IndexedDB), so not so expensive.
  • We could also just steamroll revert the target user's edits, but this could cause some collateral damage.
    • This should only ever be considered if "rollback" was selected instead of "rollback-like" in the options.
    • This applies the revert immediately, unlike the first option which requires another page load.