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Itwiki small Fundraising banner inside text
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Some itwiki users are reporting banner inside text

image.png (692×1 px, 165 KB)

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Hi @Melos, thanks for reporting this. I work on the Foundation's online fundraising team.

This is expected behavior for this particular banner, which we've been using in our desktop campaigns on Italian Wikipedia (and many others) for several years. On the Wikipedia default Vector layout, above 1390px, this banner floats to the left of the opening article paragraph, as shown in your screenshot.

But this fundraising campaign, which will end on October 31, is the last time that we'll be running this banner while Italian Wikipedia is using the 'old' Vector layout. Some time in the next months, Italian Wikipedia will start using the new Vector 2022 layout, which changes how page width is handled.

We are going to adjust our banners accordingly, and this particular banner will no longer float next to the opening paragraph. Instead, it will be displayed as a block below the article title.

I hope this is helpful and thank you for sharing this feedback.

Closing as intended behaviour (for now)