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[EPIC] [QB] Move Query Builder to Gitlab
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With the recent responsibilities of the Quality Tools slice of the Wikidata team surrounding repositories that are mostly not on Gerrit, and thus not using the Gerrit commit rewrite flow, and in order to maintain workflow consistency and minimize context switching, we would like to consider moving The Query Builder repository from Gerrit and into GitLab to utilize its newer workflows that are closer in paradigm to what the team is used to.

Main Objectives

  • The tradeoffs, advantages and disadvantages of moving to GitLab are made clear to the team
  • Clear Migration steps are planned and available to the team
  • A decision whether to move to GitLab is taken
  • If relevant, a move to GitLab is complete
  • If relevant, all CI workflows have been migrated to GitLab CI

Mitigated Risks

  • Increased context switching due to difference in tooling and workflows
  • Increased onboarding time due to usage of non industry standard tooling