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Verify that Special:Inbox can be used with ReportIncident for QA on Patch Demo
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We have suggested Extension:Inbox on Patch Demo as a workaround to emails not sending from beta (T348317). In this task, we want to verify that this actually works, and fix anytihng that needs fixing if not.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Special:Inbox shows emails generated by ReportIncident, for QA/testing purposes, in Patch Demo


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Revert "Send report incident emails to Patch Demo account"repos/ci-tools/patchdemo!594dreamyjazzrevert-report-incident-config-changemaster
Send report incident emails to Patch Demo accountrepos/ci-tools/patchdemo!593dreamyjazzreport-incident-configmaster
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The Inbox extension needs to have the email address associated with the account as an email in the sender list. I can do this by adding the email addresses for the default users to the list of emails to send to.

For some reason, specifying Patch_Demo@localhost does not work on patch demo but does work on my local wiki. Furthermore, this email works for patch demo when sending an email using Special:EmailUser.

It in theory works, but requires changing your email address to to be able to use it.

To achieve this you can change the email address associated with an account to and submitted reports will appear in Special:Inbox for that account.

A better solution where the reports were sent to one of the accounts by default would be better.

I think I'm going to mark this as resolved as I've made some QA steps that work. There still remains the issue that emails cannot be sent to @localhost addresses, but this may be fixed by