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List existing blocks on Special:Block
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When an admin visits Special:Block with a preselected target (test wiki special block) we want them to see the list of current and expired blocks. Currently, the block log is shown listing all previous blocks and the current one (if present). Technically, this works but we want a better user experience managing active blocks once multiple blocks are possible

User Story As an admin of the wikis, when I need create/remove/re-block a target, I want to see the list of active and past blocks on a target so I can make better decisions

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):
Admins will be able to make a better judgement when re-blocking or creating a new block for a specified target.

TO BE UPDATED, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE FROM 2018,_v3.1_-_Flow_3_-_05.jpg

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Change 1005584 had a related patch set uploaded (by HMonroy; author: HMonroy):

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Change 1008547 had a related patch set uploaded (by HMonroy; author: HMonroy):

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