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Media views is returning "file not found" for many files
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Here is an example:

  • Uploaded in 2020
  • Used in many articles in several wikis


Note that I can't find a proper project to tag this against: There is no projects about media views API, nor project about AQS 1.0, so I'm adding both API platform and data engineering specially since says to tag it with API platform

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Hey, I updated the docs page. We're still in the process of spinning up the Data Products team so the docs are in an in between state. We're in the process of sunsetting AQS 1.0. We'll start looking into this now though the main devs are already end of day.

Upon investigation , we concluded that this is a bug in AQS 2.0 media analytics service . It's missing some logic from AQS 1.0 which is related to handling of url encoded file paths and querying the database . We are already looking to approaches to fix it and will update here once fixed and released . Thank you!

Thank you for looking into this!